Monday, July 28, 2008

Fuselage sides glassed

I completed glassing the fuselage sides (interior) tonight. As I've read, it did end up taking a while. I started at 2100 (or 9 o'clock pm) and didn't finish until 01:30. I didn't realize how long it was taking until Julia came out at 0000 (or 12am) to see how I was doing. I'd just finished the first ply of uni! All in all, it was a pretty easy layup. I'd prepared everything before starting, so that helped a lot. I did spend a good deal of time on the areas where the spacers meet the other foam, but I'm afraid that I'll still end up with an air bubble or two. Should be pretty easy to fix any problem areas though. As I finished at 0130(midday in my day), I've been out there every couple of hours and only seen one possible problem area where the spacers meet the foam on the aft end of the starboard side. We'll see....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fuselage Sides Spacers & Control Stick Indentions

The last couple of weeks I've been working on sanding the spacers to their proper dimensions. Here they are micro'd on to the fuselage sides:

The electrical conduit cutouts:

The upper longerons are there just to make sure that they fit properly. I've also sanded out the control stick depressions.

I tied my sharpie to a piece of 4" metal hanging wire (seen in upper right corner of pic) attached to a nail to get a somewhat perfect circle. I used same said nail to verify that the depression was a 1/4" deep by marking a line at where the top of the foam met the nail, and then measuring a 1/4" down from there. As soon as I saw the second blue line on the nail, I knew that I'd made it a 1/4". Also laid a ruler across the depression to verify consistency of depth across the depression.

I've marked out the depression for my Vance Atkinson fuel gauges, and will sand those out tonight. Hope to get everything glassed in the next day or two. I've read that it can be a rather large lay up, so will likely devote a whole day to it.