Thursday, February 28, 2008

Front Seatback Bulkhead Finished

Well, pretty much finished anyway. I cut and floxed the corners Wednesday night and went to the mall with Julia to try and find some maternity clothes. After we got back I glassed the back side. I worked inside as it was a bit too cold to work in the garage and I was impatient to finish the seatback.

Detail of floxed corner:

And the finished piece (now in the garage after cure and knife trim):

The pretty much finished part is a couple of air bubbles I found where the foam had been 5-minute epoxied to the workbench (you can see them in the foreground of the pic). I don't think that I let the micro cure in the holes long enough before I glassed out the back. Should be a pretty simple repair.

Next will be bulkheads F-22 and F-28. Before I can start on those I have a lot of drawing tracing to be done. I found that setting up my first seatback bulkhead (yeah, guess I forgot to mention that - it didn't go well, but after doing some more online research I've found where I went wrong. Aircraft Spruce, in their wisdom, supplies you with two pieces of the 3/4" foam used in this step. In my research I saw that others had benefited from that as well so I didn't feel too bad.) set up on a card table with a bright light works very well for my drawing tracings.


Mom B said...

"Bout time you posted some more! Thanks for the update!

txbennett said...

Cool update. Another good way to do tracing is to post the original on a window, tape the paper on which you will tract over the original with drafting tape, and trace away. I have to do this from time to time with engineering drawings. It might not work so well in the dead of night as it does on a sunny day. - Dad