Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Instrument Panel

I've finished tracing all the drawings for Chapter 4 and can now finally get to work. Last night/this morning I laid out the drawings for the instrument panel. I traced the bulkhead by punching small holes through the paper using the pointy end of a compass. Then, I connected the dots lightly with a sharpie.

After transferring the drawings to the foam, I cut the general shape using a razor and then got close to the exact shape using a dremel tool. Finally I used 80 grit sandpaper to get the foam to the final shape.
Finally, something recognizable as aircraft part-like! After sanding, I 5-min epoxied the sections together (with wax paper above and below to avoid sticking) and weighted everything down.

Now, its time for bed. I hope to cut out the foam for bulkheads F-22 and F-28 tonight. Oh, and while the dremel works great for getting close, it is very dusty.

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