Thursday, December 4, 2008

LWX & LWY/Electrical Conduit

I've read of a lot of people having issues with the angles and lengths of LWX and LWY. Thankfully, I was able to learn from their issues and had relatively little trouble in putting the pieces in place. Basically I cut everything a little bit oversized and over angled and then sanded till I had a good fit. Also, instead of using nails to hold them in place I used drywall screws. After everything had cured I removed the screws and filled the holes with flox.


A closeup of the joint between LXY and LWY:

For the electrical conduit I followed the plans and formed a male plug which I covered with box tape. After taping the plug and the board I would be working on, I put one ply bid over the plug:

Then covered with peel ply:

Here's the conduit extension on top of the foam :

And five-minute epoxied in place:

Now I just need to place the foam around the conduit, add 6 plies of Bid, fix one minor repair area on the upper longeron and cut the sides to size and I'll be finished with ch. 5. Hopefully by next Wednesday!


Mom's Blog said...

Nice to see the work going again! need to update your personal info....there's been some changes! :-) Love you! MOM

Grammy said...

Cool! You're back! Good to see you progressing on your building again!
Love you, grandson!