Thursday, January 10, 2008

The aircraft

As I stated, my wife got me the plans for a Cozy MK IV for Christmas. The plans come in two sections with cutout layouts and several updates. It is a composite aircraft built of foam, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. I worked a lot over December as there was a great deal of OT available at FlexJet, and have just now really started to look over the plans. For those of you who may be interested in specs, the aircraft is a four place (read seat), pusher (prop in the back) type, canard (elevator in the front) aircraft. Exact published specs are:

Engine--- Lycoming O-360 180 hp.
Wing Span: 28.1 ft
Take-off solo/gross: 1200/1700 ft.
Wing area: 88.3 ft2
Climb solo/gross: 2000/1200 fpm
Canard Span: 12.6 ft
Cruise 75% 8000 ft.: 220 mph
Canard Area: 14.7 ft2
Cruise 40% 12000 ft.: 185 mph
Length: 16.9 ft
Max. range 75%: 1000 mi
Height: 7.9 ft
Max. range 40%: 1300 mi.
Cabin W/H: 42/39
Ceiling: 20,000+ ft.
Max. front seat: 400 lbs.
Ldg.Dist.solo/gross: 1000/1300 ft.
Empty wt.: 1050 lbs.
Gross wt.: 2050

These figures may not mean much to a lot of you, but for me they're exactly what I'm looking for in an aircraft. Range, speed, and payload. While it's a four place aircraft, I understand that maybe the back two seats are intended for people of reduced stature and weight. All that for the cost of a nice car!

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mgbrv8 said...

I am from Mcallen Tx and I am interested in building a cozy where do you get the plans and what do you think of the project so far.