Thursday, January 10, 2008

The work space

I'll be building my Cozy in the garage of our house. A co-worker recently asked me when exactly a garage became a hanger since it had an aircraft inside. After much discussion(it was a slow night), we decided that it could be called a hanger once a recognizable aircraft design had been created. This does not necessarily include wings but there must be an aircraft type fuselage present. Hopefully I may soon call it a "hangerage" since there will still be a car parked beside the aircraft.

As you can see, much work must still be done before I start work on the actual aircraft. You can see the "workbench" is still in the design phase. I'll also need a cutting and storage area for my fiberglass cloth as well as a plan to get rid of the rest of the stuff on the right side of the picture although I'd like to keep the weight bench somewhere usable. On the right you'll also see a very nice work surface for my miter saw that my parents got me for Christmas. I put it together the other night and completely forgot about it as I started cutting boards. What was I doing squatting to cut wood at 2 in the morning?! Also, while it might seem great to have all sorts of free time to work at night, I've realized that power tools are loud. REALLY loud. Especially after 10pm. I think I'll have to do my power tool stuff before then, or risk the ire of my neighbors and the visit of the cops.

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Mom B said...

Hey, you're getting me excited about your project!